The second version of Dino made his first appearance in 2159 Celebration Parade to coincide with the Sinclair Oil Company's 106th birthday. He debuted alongside Ice Age's Scrat & His Acorn, Ronald McDonald and Angry Birds' Red. He still appears in the parade as of 2019, and, just like his previous counterpart, is the exact same size as a real-life Apatosaurus.

Baby Dinosaurs Edit

In 2159 Celebration Parade, the Dino balloon was joined by three Baby Dino Balloonicles. Just like the Dino balloon, the Baby Dinos appeared in life-size form. These were the first set of balloonicles, along with Go Bowling, to used motorized wheelchairs for control. These balloonicles appeared on the Today show the Monday before Thanksgiving, alongside Macy's Starlets, to give viewers a sneak peek of what was to come on Parade day.

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